Monday, September 17, 2012

I survived Comic Con 2012

I know what you are thinking. San Deigo Comic Con? That was 2 months ago! Yes, yes it was, but when you are penciling and inking a book with a 5 week deadline it doesn't leave a lot of time for love. Times that by two and you got me busting my hump to hit the deadline, and as much as I like to keep you updated when I'm are struggling to find a couple hours of sleep blogging goes down the totem pole pretty quick. However, my deadlines have been hit. I've slept. So its time to give this blog some long needed attention. I have tons of stuff to show, but rather than doing a huge dump I'm going to update twice a week. Hopefully this will get people back to looking here and give me a chance to rebuild some trust.

Above is my favorite commission I did for the show. It was for my now friend Marty Fung. I was drawing this on the sidewalk outside the convention center and despite getting knocked over by a bunch of Firefly fans too busy geeking out to watch where they were going, I got it done. The scene was enough to attract the attention a passing by editor, and yes I did get his card.

More pics coming. Stay Tuned. 

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