Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey All, Its that time again! Time to show off a little more of what I've been up to. Today I've chosen some character concept sketches I've been doing for Farscape (published by Boom Studios). Look for my art on some of the up and coming Farscape covers. In other exciting news. I'm doing some more sketch cards for Upper Deck which means I will soon have more artist proof sketch cards! Yeah!!! I'll post them here as I get them done. But I'm excited. Anyhoodle I'm busy so I'm going to leave it at that and get back to the drawing board. Till next time!


Monday, September 21, 2009

How About Some ART!

Long time no show and tell! I've been busy. First off: I'd like to thank everyone who came out to support Jake at Dragon's Keep. We helped raise a serious chunk of change in 5 short hours and it was a great! Mental note. Next time bring Obama Reference! Rumor has it we might do another fund raiser up in SLC. I'll keep you posted. Check out some of the links on my Facebook Profile and you will catch some of the stuff the other artists and I cranked out. Anyhoo. I need and I mean NEED to post some Warlord stuff. Issues five and six have come out since I last posted and I didn't even plug them. SHAME ON ME!Mike's fans seem to be warming up to me just in time for Mike to do a two issue stint on the art. So when I come back for issue 10 they will hate me all the more. I can't blame them Mike stuff is stellar. I tell you what, If I was a Mutant I'd want my power to be able to absorb other artist's talent. Anyhoo here are some pretty pictures. I'll try and post more. No promises, but I'll try.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Jake Black Benefit Fundraiser

As many of you guys know, I operate out of Southern Utah. As isolated as I am, the comic professionals in the state are a pretty close knit group. We've all met at one function or another and we keep tabs on what each other is up to. A few years back I was privileged to meet Jake Black at a signing at Dragon's Keep for Free Comic Book Day. We kept in touch through social networking, chatted back and forth; call us Facebook pen-pals if you like. Last year we even pitched a book to DC together (although it seems that pitch never took roots). Shortly after our fruitless endeavor I also found out from Jake that he had a lump on his chest that turned out to be cancer. Jake has been fighting it for while know and is doing a good job kicking it despite scary set backs like pneumonia. This whole time I've empathized as best I could, prayed and offered words of support; but for the most part I've watched helplessly as someone who I consider a friend has suffered. No more! Thanks to some super swell guys like Bill Galvin, John Ortiz and the crew at Dragon's Keep in Provo we (the comic creator's of Utah) are gathering together to help raise funds for Jake Black.

The event will take place Saturday Sept 12th. Starting at 10:00am at Dragon's Keep (260 N. University Ave, Provo Utah, 84601) and the list of Talent helping out is huge! Guys like:
  • Ryan Ottley the best monthly artist in the industry on such titles as Invincible and Haunt for Image Comics.
  • Bill Galvin of Simpsons and Archie Comics.
  • Derek Hunter the creator of Pirate Club.
  • Howard Taylor the creator of Schlock Mercenary.
  • Tyler Kirkham artist for TopCow on huge books like Spider-Man and X-men.
  • Sal Velluto who's worked on more projects than the lot of us put together,
and several others including myself.

Its gonna be HUGE! So if you read this blog come join the fun and help out Jake! Dragon's Keep will be donating a percentage of the day's sales and artist will be donating various artworks to help raise funds. Hope to see you there! Bring your money and take home some good karma!

Here is a Link to the event: