Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mavel Apes / Darwin

Hey guys! Don't you think its about time we debuted some Marvel pages? Well as I said before this was actually my second gig from Marvel but it made it to print first. Above are a couple of pages for the Darwin Back-up story of Marvel Apes: Speedball Special. Enjoy! Let me know if you can you spot the Wolverine cameo!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Marvel Apes: Speedball #1

Marvel Apes: Speedball #1 is out and it has the first part of the Darwin Story I penciled. I thought it would be out in April under Marvel Apes: The Amazing Spider- Monkey but this will have the second part of the story. My bad! I didn't know until my friend Slade told me he picked it up. I was confused as to how he got a copy a month ahead of time, but after he called I did some googling and found out he was right! Must be nice having a comic store in town. Anyhoo, I did not do the art for the cover. It was masterfully done by John Watson. I'll post some of the pages to wet your appetites soon, but in the meantime go pick up your issue today!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Quick update sorry I didn't update last week its been crazy busy for me. These are heads drawn from indirect reference, part of my homework for AAU. Can't post my homework this week due to eveyone being nekkid! In other news: rumor has it my Marvel Apes story is out. If that's true I should have more to post soon! As is; I need to get back to it. - C

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Good morning every one! I have a bit of 3 point perspective to show off this Tuesday. As you should all know by now I am taking a drawing class this semester which focuses on drawing from imagination and perspective. I'm proud of myself in that I was able to finish a 5 page essay for another class, draw a page for DC and finish my homework as well as fill out an insurance application. Got to love hitting deadlines. Anyhoo. I feel I'm really getting a better grasp on perspective and can't wait to continue to learn more. Hopefully I'll post again on Friday. Until then: Adieu!

PS- I apologize for the spelling errors. That's what I get for blogging at 4 in the morning.