Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sad New Year

Hey all, Did you think that I fell off the face of the Earth? Well sometimes I wish I had. I'm sorry I dropped my blog on its head around Christmas time. I got super flooded with work. Which is a good thing financially, but a horrible thing for blogging. My Twelve days of Christmas turned into six, and then complete neglect. I just yesterday finished with my latest issue of Traveler. After sleeping for almost 24 hours I woke today ready to conquer the world, update the blog, finish some commissions, start a cover, yada,yada,yada... Then I turned on my computer and got slapped in the face with some terrible news.

Clement SauvĂ© passed away. I only met Clement in person once in San Diego, but we talked for hours and the advice he gave me directly led to my freelancing with DC Comics and thus my career in comics. He was extraordinarily talented, kind, humble and helpfull, and I will be forever in his debt for the priceless counsel he gave me. It makes me ill to think he is gone so young. We as an artistic community have lost someone who was truly great in every since of the word, and the day seems black for it. I'm not a rich person by any means, but I vow right now to find the best cancer charity out there and donate to it. We are loosing too many talented people to cancer and its time I personally did something about it. I encourage you: my readers, to do the same.  Rest in peace Clement you will be sorely missed.