Friday, September 26, 2008

Spirit #21 Pages

I've never struggled so much with comic pages as I did with the pages I did for Spirit #21. It is an incredibly daunting task to work on the creation of who is widely agreed to be the best sequential artist in history. I need to thank my editor Joey Cavalieri for giving me not only the chance to work on the Spirit but also the advice and encouragement that allowed me to get the job done. These pages are two of my favorites from the issue. It was also a great honor to work with Sergio on this book. If you never worked on a Sergio Aragones script you're missing out. Sergio draws out the entire issue in cartoon / thumbnail form. I can't tell how much of a nostalgia trip it was working on this book. I felt like a 12 year old with my Mad Magazine collection all over again. I had so much fun with the scripts I met up with Sergio at Comic Con 2008 and had him sign them. Awesome! Anyways, back to my pencils, I hope you like them and go out and grab the issue!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Holy Cow! I was very excited this week to receive my comps for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning from BooM! I did the line work almost a year ago for the Dark Elves and High Elves. I even did some comps for thumbnails for the Chaos storyline. However I haven't been able to show any of the work because the graphic novel was to be released with the games. Well the day has come! The Graphic Novel is finally here. Happy Day right? Well not so fast. I open up the book and to my disappointment 5 of the Dark Elves pages are printed with low-rez line work. WTH. Well there is no point crying over split milk, but needless to say I was a little pissed. Oh well. I will try and get some pages up for every one to check out in the next couple of days.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Spirit #21

Hey Guys, another week has flown by, but I have some exciting news! My first stand alone comic from DC (Countdown to Mystery was an anthology) is out. The Spirit #21 hit the racks this week. It has a stunning cover by Paul Smith and interior pencils by yours truly! I'm really excited how it turned out. Wayne did a top notch job with he inks and the colors by Lee Loughridge are phenomenal! Sergio and Mark did an excellent job with the story so make sure you take the time to pick it up and take a look (that means buy it to all you wiseguys out there)! I'll make sure to upload some of the art that I did now that the story is out. Keep checking back for updates!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

School Daze

Holy cow, Its that time of year. Back to school time. Ugh. I hate school. Rather, I hate going to school and working full time. Right now I feel like I'm walking in the middle of the road. To celebrate the start of the school year I'm ditching work and school; and I'm going to Lake Powell on Friday. So I won't be here tomorrow. Everyone take care and have fun!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Marvel Masterpieces Series III

Hello True Believers! Here today, in a Hardin Art Studios Blog exclusive, are all 25 Marvel Masterpiece Sketch cards I did for series 3. I will post 5 on Digital Webbing, Myspace, Facebook, and Scoundrel's but right here is the only place where you can see all 25. I'm going to try and get more exclusive with art here on the blog to boost subscribers. So make sure you subscribe and visit weekly!