Friday, July 30, 2010

Cool Moments from Comic-Con Part 3: Friends

I suppose this should have been my first post because hey friends come first, but I was too busy having a geek attack. To my friends, I apologize, my bad. One of the best things about Comic-Con is the chance to meet people you haven't met before and meet up with people who you don't get to see too often in other venues. This year I met lots of new friends, my hotel roommate John Hallet, the gang at BooM Studios as well as some of my editors at Marvel and DC. I met Ale Garza, who was my Neighbor in Artist Alley. Also in Artist Alley with me was Norm Rapmund who I had met as a teenager working at Collector's Choice in Las Vegas. His hair was a lot bigger back them, but at least he still had his. I also got to meet up with the Utah crew which includes Travis Walton and his family, Paul (Mau'dib) Linsley and his girlfriend Jess, Ian Johnston (my official con-buddy, Ian and I have been roommates at the comic-con for at least 5 years), Jake Black and his Nephew (Jake is looking good too! Way to kick cancer's ass Jake) and the most famous Utahn in comics: Ryan Ottley. I wish I got to spend more everyone but Comic Con is a busy place. I know I'm leaving names out, SORRY! But I can't blog all day. I'll edit you in as I remember!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cool Moments from Comic-Con Part 2: JJ Abrams

In my continuing follow up of this year's Comic Con's moments of coolness. I would be criminally liable if I didn't post about spotting JJ Abrams walking the exhibit hall at Comic Con. It was after the exhibit hall had closed that I spotted him talking to another artist. When he was done talking he and his entourage came closer to my artist alley table. This is where I approached him and asked if he was indeed the man JJ Abrams. He responded in the affirmative and was kind enough to talk for a few seconds, shake hands and take the obligatory super geeked out fan shot. Which I will now post here. Ladies and Gentlemen the savior of Star Trek... Mr. JJ Abrams (in a trekkie sandwich with me and Ian)!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cool Moments from Comic-Con Part 1: Drew Struzan

Drew Struzan was kind enough to come over and visit me at my artist alley booth this year at SDCC. Drew is an art god, and I was extremely humbled by his visit. He was unbelievably nice and supportive. We only chatted for a minute or two but It will be a moment I remember for the rest of my life! I would have posted this earlier while at the Con, but the hotel where I was staying was charging 12.99 a night for Internet. I love SDCC, but I am so sick of hotels and restaurants price gouging. Wonder what they will do if the con moves. Anyhoo... I have more stuff to post but I gotta get to work. I'll update soon! Next Pics: JJ Abrams and the attack of the NERDS!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

American Son

Hey all, Long time no post! Its been really busy getting ready for SDCC. I meant to post this on the 4th. That's how busy I am. Anyhoo... Lots of stuff coming up! I'm excited for it hope you will be too. Thanks for sticking with me. I promise It will start coming fast and heavy here pretty soon. So keep coming back.