Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Report: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Okay just a quick update. Free Comic Book Day was awesome. Above is a quick commission done for Zack Olsen, I did other drawings that day but Zack wanted his sketch card done in full color so I got the opportunity to finish it (and thus scan it) at home. Zack, its in the mail to Comics Plus. Huge thanks to Dave for having me out. I was so stoked to meet Garrett Wang. Let me tell you guys I've met a lot of Trek actors over the years and Garrett totally takes the cake. There are a lot of Trek actors who are ashamed of their fans but Garrett is clearly not one of them. He had awesome stories, he signed my Ensign Kim Action Figure and was 100% cool with everyone he met that day, and it was a long day. It was also awesome to see my young friend Lee Wiley do so well selling copies of his independent books. Lee had the new tech down and was selling books like hotcakes! Maybe this old dog can try to learn some new tricks from Lee. Thank you to everyone who purchased prints and commissions it made my day to sell out of more than half of my prints. Thank you to Mike and his family for introducing me to the famous but now defunct Fargo's. Sorry to Mike's kids for talking to Dad so long while they waited patently in the car. I'll try not to do that again.

All my love and thanks to fans in St. George and the entire crew at Comics Plus.

Garrett and Lee doing Zoolander and me with my giant geek grin.


Jennifer Lavender said...

It's only fair for you to spend time chatting with dad after they spent all of dinner chatting your ears off. Thanks for being as awesome as ever. It's always great getting a chance to see you.

John Bear Ross said...

Excellent hat!


Lee Wiley said...

It was SO fun to hang out with you and geek out, it had been far too long. I hope we can do another event like this again sometime!

Slade Hart said...

Can we have an update from Comic Con please?