Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue Beetle TBP Cover

Hey all. I know you all have to be saying: "Duuude what happened?" Well long story short, s--- happened. It started with getting some type of food poisoning or stomach flu. I'm not sure which because I never went to the doctor. I suspect food poisoning because I never ran a fever and it all started when I ate an olive from a jar that didn't "pop" when I opened it. This lovely little stint laid me up for four days. I tried working though it but was only able to produce one page in five days. Most of the time was spent hovering close to my toilet, 'nuff said. Next I was informed of the passing of a very good friend and mentor; Arnold Christensen. I found out about his passing 3 hours before his funeral. Mutual friends had tried to contact me though Facebook but I hadn't been on due to the health situation. Long story short I wasn't able to attend the funeral which made me severely depressed. I wish my sad story ended there but the bad luck continued to the point where I started wearing my bicycle helmet indoors while drawing. Slowly I've clawed my way out of being really behind in work as well as school. and I should be able to post some artwork again as releases start to hit the shelves. One of my pieces just released is my first ever cover for DC Comics. Its for the Blue Beetle "Boundaries" TPB. The DC Web site gives Rafael Albuquerque the credit for the cover but I promise if you open it up and read the inside of the book it says my name. Anyhoodle... Less talk more art. See you soon, hopefully. -Chad

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Darned Dirty Apes

It might be April's Fools but this is no joke. Marvel Apes: The Amazing Spider-Monkey is out just in time for the most annoying holiday of the year. Here are some of the pencils. Now do your part to support your local artist and go get your copy today!