Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yet More Scorpius!

Long time, no art! So here is a peek at Scorpius #2 out now. I really disliked this piece when I did it but it looks better to me now than the first two. Funny how that happens. Enjoy. Remind me to post some of our pics from the family vacation!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Long Live the Warlord!

Above are some samples from my latest issue of DC Comic's The Warlord. Its sad for me to say this will be my last issue of the Warlord in the foreseeable future. Before I wrap my Warlord career I would like to wax a little sentimental; so please bear with me. Its not too often you get the chance to work with a living legend, but I got that chance when DC Comics chose me to work on the new Warlord series with Mike Grell. I might not have been DC's first choice but I was happy to step in when opportunity afforded me the chance. Let me tell you something. It wasn't easy trying to fill the artistic shoes of Mike, and I'm sure that there are some Mike Grell fans who would be the first to tell you I didn't even come close. I will say this much though, I did the best I could for every page I worked on Warlord. Though the process, I had one fan I could count on to encourage me every step of the way. That fan was Mike Grell himself. Some days it wasn't easy. There were several days, especially in the beginning, where it seemed like I was redrawing every page. As hard as it was to apply all the changes Mike had me do on those early issues; his criticisms were always constructive. He was there working with me, teaching me as I went along and though the process it made me a better artist. If I had the chance; I'd do it again in a heart beat. Here's to hoping I get that change again. Cheers Mike, and long live The Warlord!

Monday, June 07, 2010

More Spokane Card Comissions

Hey all, just a quick update with more sketch card commissions. Enjoy! Also I wanted to post an email I received from a satisfied customer:

From James Huskinson
To Chad Hardin
     Hey man I got the picture the other day but I've been on the go for awhile. DUDE this thing is sweet, I almost feel like I need to pay you [more] for the amount of work you put into this. The amount of detail is almost overwhelming! Everything is in the right spot, from the armor plating to the bulbs in the bow stabilizers down to the running lights on the side of the hull. And that's not including the back drop, which looks like it could of jumped out of the game and onto the page itself, from the asteroid field to the planetoid and the moon there is just so much depth to the page, so much to be seen. I can stress how happy I am with the out come, to have something that is not only an original work but that also captures the spirit of the game is just so amazing. When you said you were going to make it shine I totally had no idea what was coming, if you take commissions in between projects you can be sure I'm going to contact you in the future.
Thanks again for all your hard work,
Ryan Huskinson.
<:// End Transmission//:>
Thanks Ryan! And Yes I'm always taking commissions!