Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Tuesday already. Sonnofa.... Well I gots tons of news. Tons of drawings, but not too much to show due to ND's. Be patient. Its coming and its going to be AWESOME when it does. In the mean time I have a fun piece I've been wanting to do for three years. Finally got an excuse to do it for homework. Meet George the giant bearded dragon. George is my nephew's pet. However I always thought he would be much better at smashing cities that eating crickets. So here you go. Enjoy! I'll post updates on it as i get it done. Now I'm off to murder the family of skunks that have taken up residence underneath my studio (trailer). Say good bye to Pepe Le Pew. I'm going to fill his striped butt full of buckshot.
On another note. My friend Jake Black of showed me a cool new gadget you can add to make sure you never miss a post! So make sure you click the "Follower's link and get the newest updates as I post them.

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