Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Pulp Cover

Sorry I missed Friday's post, its been crazy busy here. Here is a glimpse of a new pulp cover I'm doing for Ron Fortier. I'm digging it so far, hope you do too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chad-
Your stuff is incredible. I met you at the SUU thing with the guy from Sony Online. Not sure if you remember. Anyway- Looking forward to class with you. Awesome stuff. See you at school.

Ron Fortier said...

I still have to slap myself whenever I look at this gorgeous painting for our new Jim Anthony-Super Detective
book. Chad, you inspire all our writers and we are so anxious to get this book into production so the whole world can appreciate that cover. Thanks again, from the heart, amigo.

Chad Hardin said...

Hey Jay thanks for commenting. I need to add your link to my blog list.

Chad Hardin said...

I'm glad you like it Ron, make sure to send me the "Mars" stuff ASAP I want to try something new that's going to rock yer world!