Friday, February 13, 2009

Reign in Hell #7 (for reals)

I made a slight mistake last time I posted Reign in Hell pages. I said they were for Issue #7 when they were for #6. Well I've corrected the mistake. These are the REAL pages for Issue #7 which is out on the stands right now so run out and grab it. This issue I had a lot of fun. Got to draw Supergirl, and Zatanna. Hopefully I'll get to draw lots more of Zee. We'll have to wait. Finally I just want to pat myself on the back for posting twice in one week. I hope to keep it up! So check back soon to find out.


John Bear Ross said...

Good storytelling flow, there, Chad-O. Didn't need words to see what was being conveyed.


Slade Hart said...

Wow, I love seeing the pencils to compare to the final product. We lose a little of the "life" that are in the pencils once the other processes take place. Keep posting pages when you can, they are great!!!

Chad Hardin said...

Thanks Bros.