Thursday, June 18, 2015

Commissions UPDATE

Okay guys, here is what I'm doing about commissions. I'm only doing quick sketches, and I'm toying around with the idea of doing a commission lottery. Here is what I'm thinking: I'm only going to be doing them at conventions. THAT IS IT. I'm thinking if you buy a quick sketch on one of my sketchbooks for $60 US I enter your name in for the chance to win a copic duo-tone head-shot commission  FOR FREE! with the option to buy an upgrade to 11x17 or full-body or whatever but only if you win.  I usually do about 50 quick sketches a show so that's about a one in fifty chance.That way you still have a chance to get a commission but I don't kill myself trying to do one for everybody. What do you think?


dave said...

Sounds fair enough

dave said...
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nagriamel said...

Iʻm interested in a commission for Amazing Hawaii comic con in May. Are you or will you be accepting commissions for that convention? I am not a seller, I"m an artist that loves to collect original comic art. Would love to have one of your pieces, possibly a sketch on blank variant cover.