Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No More Commissions.

Hey guys I just got home from a great show in Calgary Canada, and I had a great time, but (here it comes) I stripped a gear. I probably did close to 100 commissions at the show. I tried raising the prices of my commissions earlier to see if that cut down on the amount of drawing I did. It didn't work. So I am officially pulling the plug. If I owe you a commission I will honor that commitment and get it done and to you as soon as humanly possible, but no more. Please don't ask, the answer is just no. I'm sorry. If someone tells you they can get me to do a commission call them a liar and tell them to go to hell.

To my loyal fans, please don't panic. I will have to figure out another way to make you happy, but right now the demand is just too much so please bear with me. We'll work it out somehow.


Anonymous said...

Noooooooo!!!! (read it with voice of luke skywalker after darthvader said he was his father)

John Bear Ross said...

Lottery system.

Name your rate, and take volunteers for a list.

Portion out a comfortable number per month or year.

Hold a drawing of names from a fishbowl on Youtube.

Make sure you have alternates and runner-ups, in case folks fall through.

Fair, equitable, and non-exhausting.

Maintain your sanity and family life, first.


Tommy said...

That sucks. I was hoping to get something from you in Dallas this month