Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Kitteh, Kitteh, Meow, Meow!

Because we all know the internet needs more pussy cats! Bad-um-pump ching!... Las Vegas Comic Expo was a smashing success. It seriously reminded me of San Diego about 20 years ago. Loads of super talented people: Stephane Roux, Dan Panosian, Mateo Scalera, Adam Hughes, Scott Lobdell, it goes on and on. Lots of people from Utah, California, Arizona, and of coarse Nevada. Despite a flash flood changing the venue, and a rival con going on at the same time: LVCE has broken the Las Vegas Comic Convention curse. Bravo ladies and gentlemen, Bravo. Special Thanks to: Slade Hart for hooking me up with my sweet standing banner in time for the show. John and Rachael Ross for feeding me, and putting up with my wackiness for the con, and a boatload of free miniatures.  Lynn Walker who watched me set back the Rivera Buffet at least a week's worth of profits. The waiter at Coco's who let me draw commissions well into the morning on a purchase of a diet Pepsi and a piece of pie (hope the tip helped.) Breanna Brock for helping the HAS crew get situated. Special thanks to my former students / current friends (and their significant others) Amanda Bills (soon to be Mrs.) Beu Law, Jemma Young and Jacob Young. They were surrogates for Joy who could not attend and kept me from spending my money on toys, comics and other artists' sketch books. I just might ask Jacob to come with me to every show because he could sell ketch-up popsicles to a woman in white gloves.  However I have zero pictures because Joy wasn't there to take pictures. Finally my apologies to Jemma who had to sit in the backseat and listen while Jacob and I talked politics and James Bond movies on they way home (If bad conversation were a crime I would get the chair). As if being pregnant, tired, and carsick wasn't bad enough for the 3 hour road trip back. As my Dad would say "You're all good kids".

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John Bear Ross said...

I've got some pics of you and Jacob. I'll upload and send you the link.

The con was great. Small, cozy, and some powerhouse talent. I hope they put it on again next year.

John Bear Ross