Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Traveler #4

Hey All! Stan Lee's The Traveler #4 is out today. Go get your copy! Thank you to all the fans who are making this book possible!


Awedore said...

I love seeing the "greyscale" version of the cover before the colorist does their thing. Very cool.

Jam-Wah said...

Chad, when I saw your name attached to this project I had a big grin on my face. Yet another DW alumnus making big waves! Kudos to you, sir. I shall indeed be picking this up.

I was hoping to invite you to join an event I'm organising on March 18th (virtual, so no travel needed!) - the details are on my blog, under the title 24 Hour MONSTERS! - I hope you can be involved, man.

Zoranea said...

Chad, This comment isn't about the Traveler comic even though I did buy the first book. It is about meeting you and your wife at the Anime Fannitaku Convention. I enjoyed listening to you during the panels and learning about copic markers. I think you did a wonderful job with everything. I also enjoyed looking at the artwork you brought to the convention. On Saturday I was speaking with your wife and she mentioned having a violin she's been trying to find out about. I mentioned a Master violin maker to her who lives in Leeds. I didn't get a chance to tell her how to locate him. I'd like do leave that information for her here now. The master violin maker is named Kevin Lee. He has earned the right to have Luthier at the end of his name. Here is his website.

This page has his contact information.

Thank you both for coming to the convention. I did enjoy meeting both of you. I do hope you arrived home safely and all is well.

Tamalyn H. (I was dressed in a blue outfit on Saturday.)

Zoranea said...

P.S. Tamalyn again. I gave your wife my email address. It is

Arion said...

This is a very powerful and intense image. Love it.

I was also taking a look at the cover for issue 6 and the original version is great. It's a shame that the skulls get covered by the logo.