Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Traveler #6 Cover

Okay folks, its time to get this show on the road. Here is a preview of the new traveler cover I stole it from Robot 6 on CBR. I'm also including my jpeg of the "Naked (or nekkid)" cover so you can see all the Easter eggs. Try and pick up both! Traveler is getting great reviews and I couldn't be happier. My friends at Giant Sized Podcast are singing its praises so if you live in Salt Lake make sure you stop by Black Cat Comics and share the love. Remember to support all the Podcasts at Watch Play Read (http://watchplayread.com/) its a great site for geeks like myself. The language is a little saucy so parents be informed. But its a great place to go to learn about what is happening in Comics, Games, Movies, and TV.



Nick West said...

Man, you've been smoking on this series. And Waid is at the top of his game.


John Bear Ross said...

Leaving the skulls and littered debris in would have been nice, though I understand they have to put the title and credits somewhere.

The scattered, rotten artifacts and the tattered cape set the desperation and impending doom in the scene, without a word.

Otherwise, it's a dude against a column, with no implied menace. I can understand why they did it, though, so don't think I'm just fanboy-frothin'.

Hopefully the full piece is a pin-up in the back of the book.

John Bear Ross

Chad Hardin said...

They publish two versions of the cover Johnny one with the logo one without. This cover was definitely made with the "naked" version in mind.

John Bear Ross said...


"Naked" makes everything better.

...well, most things better...you know what I mean.