Tuesday, March 23, 2010

McNasty's Ms. Marvel

Hey all! Sorry for the long gap in between posts. I fried a RAM chip the other day. Its been crazy trying to keep up with work on a computer that's sick. The malfunction was my fault. Doing something stupid. Anyhoodle... I was way past due getting Dann's Thunderdome Prize done so I cranked it out today before starting my page. I hope Dann feels it was worth the wait. I'm pretty happy with it. I'd like to do another Thunderdome, anybody got any ideas for out next contest? Let me know in the comments.


Mike Exner III said...

Nice! I like seeing the progress, and how you don't really finish up with all the detail until you hit the colors. Very cool.

Ian Johnston said...

Another Thunderdome contest?!? I ACCEPT!

You should post a series of rough pencil sketches and the most popular rough sketch chosen gets a full treatment of your process taken it to finish. Then have that be documented on the site or youtube link etc. . .

Sure, easy for the guy to say whose not crankin' multiple pages a day, but if you didn't get it from me then from who SeƱior Chad?