Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Farscape in Christmas Colors

Hey all, Christmas is this week and I'm busy shopping, working, and running around, but I figured it was time to post some artwork. I told you all a while back I was doing some work for Boom Studios on Farscape covers, well the first cover I did has finally hit the rack! I figured it was a perfect time to share it here on my blog. Ironically the color schemes seem to fit right in with the time of year. Red and Green! This first cover is nothing special, I just did the typical pencils, inks and digital colors, but the cool thing about Boom is that they allow me to experiment with the process. Trust me, the last two covers I did for them look really cool and they have inspired me to keep working on changing my technique until I can come up with something I'm really proud of. I'll post them here when they hit the rack. On another note I have matched last years posts. I didn't update every week, but at least I didn't loose ground. Hopefully next year i will do better. We'll see. Keep coming back and I'll keep posting!


HartCactus said...

Great cover!!!

Caleb Cleveland said...

This is fantastic - thanks so much for bringing your talent to the covers - I just hope I can make the insides look a fraction as good!

All the best!