Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey guys, things are still crazy here but I thought I would take a second to plug my sketchbook for this year. Its the first one I've ever done and its a nice mix of stuff I've been doing for games, comics, and cards. If you are a fan of my blog I'm pretty sure you'll love my sketchbook. I'll be selling them across the nation at cons this year (some of you might have picked one up at San Diego) if you catch me at a signing or a show they are $10.00 (US) or you can by them over the internet or through the mail for $15.00 (US).

To purchase over the internet send $15.00 to via Paypal and BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS.

To purchase thought the mail send a money order or cashier's check Hardin Art Studios 5178 N. Bulldog Rd. Cedar City UT, 84721. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS.

The book is 32 pages long, in black and white and limited to 500 copies. If you get one be sure to leave me feedback here so I can make an even better one next year! The image at top is the front and back cover.


Sal Velluto said...

How about posting a couple of interior pages?
Hope to see you at the fund raiser for Jake Black.

Lynn said...

I really like that you actually show sketches and process steps. Too many sketchbooks I see at cons are just full of pinups. Nice pinups, but that's not really what I want to see. The unpublished Animal Man and Batman covers are really nice (as is the published Blue Beetle cover), and I really like seeing the roughs. I think a color cover next year would make a similar package even stronger. Your color stuff is so nice, and it would make the book more eye-catching.

Chad Hardin said...

@Sal: Hey Sal, Seems like i didn't even get to say hi at the fundraiser. Did you get a chance to check out my sketckbook. I dunno. I have some stuff in my sketchbook that's in my blog. So my blog is sort of an example.

@Lynn: Thank you sir! Yeah I think next year I'll have some color pages and do a smaller print run.

Stephanie Bell said...

Well Mr. Chadster :) Since you are such a slacker I sent you some funds via paypal :) Hopefully it covers everything !! Love ya! Tell the wife and kiddos hello!

Chad Hardin said...

I got it Steph! I'll Send it out tomorrow!