Friday, August 21, 2009

Seattle ComiCard Con

Howdy all. its been an insanely long time since I've updated and I applogize, but ever since the Seattle Comicard Con I've been so stacked I couldn't think straight. I'd like to thank Steve Miner for being such a gracious host. I spent the day drawing sketches for fans and I also had a great time. Besides meeting a ton of awesome people the highlight of the Con for me was being able to meet the comic legend Mike Grell. Mike and I have been working with on Warlord for the past 4 issues but we have never been able to meet. Mike was great about showing me some of the tips and tricks of the trade, and I tried to soak up as much of his teaching as I could. It is clear why Warlord fans are so devoted to his art. Mike has mastered his craft and if you think his stuff looks good in print you should see it in person! Anyhoo I'm still super busy so I dont have a ton of time to blog. I have tons to show and share. I still haven't posted about San Diego Comic Con, Warlord #5, Farscape, My new Marvel gig, my brand new sketchbook, and the upcoming Boston Comic Con. Hopefully I'll get to post more soon. Stay tuned!

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John Bear Ross said...

Chad! Seattle! You're moving up, making convention appearances and all. I love it.