Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shame on me.

I have done a terrible job at updating. Mostly because I am busy, which is good, but not when it hurts you (my loyal fan base).  I just want to say this. I'm sorry. I will do better. I wanted to post some artwork form Traveler #5. There are a lot of grumpy bears out there who are poo-poo-ing the issue a little. Us comic fans can be a fickle group. We see change ups in the writer/artists, and we get a green eggs and ham attitude. That's just the nature of the business folks. However, I want to ask you my fans for an honest critique. Because I believe the actual artwork is getting better with every issue of Traveler. As I get more comfortable with the characters I loosen up, I get more expressive. The work looks more cartoony or animated and it looses realism. That's the way I like it. However, I'm not sure that is the way you like it. So I'm going to post some of the artwork for your viewing pleasure and you guys tell me what you want. Do you like the realism or the expressionism let me know. Either way I'm good, I just want to give you what you feel you deserve.

Here are my Favorite Pages from #4 (which got great reviews).

Here are my Favorite Pages from #5 (which got mixed reviews).

So you guys "Thunderdome" these pages out. Let me know what I'm doing that you like and don't like, and I'll deliver for #7 (cause 6 is done).


PS- Let me know if you are buying the book because that carries weight.


EvilTwinBrian said...

You know I've been a fan since the art guild (guide) days, and one of the things I loved about your style was the realism. I'm not saying you should lock yourself into that, though, because from what I'm seeing in your examples from issue 5 you're really going through a change in style that really adds more life with a style that's a bit less "real". Isn't that what great artists strive for?

Really I know you want to give the fans they tell you they want, but if you're true to yourself and put your all into your work, the fans will come to you. You may even convert a few that aren't completely comfortable with the change.

I'm sad to say that I've fallen a bit behind on comics in general, and I only have the first two issues. However, I've got this title on my pull list, so it's just a matter of making it down to pick them up.

Lee Wiley said...

WOW CHAD, WOW! These pages really show how your style on this book is loosening up, the faces remind me of the stuff you did in the SPIRIT. The faces are much more animated, which tells the story better in my opinion, you know exactly what their faces are saying. Your anatomy as always is freakin' amazing and maintains that more realistic style. Your linework is very detailed (as always as well) and that too keeps it very realistic. I've got nothing to gripe about, only praise. I have to be honest that I do not have any of the traveler comics yet. I need to stop being poor and get some copies though!

Chad Hardin said...

That's a great point Brian, Its hard to navigate the sea of critiques sometimes. There are a lot of times where reviews and critiques are paradoxical. So you are darned if you do and darned if you don't. Ironically one of the reviews I read blamed me for bad coloring, which is completely out my hands (Their rationale was the line work should be able to stand up even with bad colors). Which is nonsense. You could be Alex Ross and someone could come in and give Superman an Ompa-loompa tan and its going to effect the quality of the artwork. So critiques like that can be disregarded. However when you get critiques complaining about consistency when you did a deliberate style change then that is when I need to pay attention, and listen to fans and reviewers. Some artist get better over the years and some get worse. I want to be the type that gets better. So I am asking the question: Better or worse? You are supportive of both styles but if there is a large majority that screams out NOOOO! When they see me go more cartoony. Then I need to pay attention.

Chad Hardin said...

Thanks Lee. I thin I definitely want to keep the line variation. Even if I swing back to being more realistic.

Stacie said...

You know, I have to say, that I have always liked the artwork in The Traveler, but I wasn't always sure of how the characters were feeling, because with realism, you can't be quite as expressive. So, I am kind of stuck right in the middle. I mean, if there was a way to combine the two without it seeming awkward, I think that would be the way to go. Over all, though, I think you need to do what you are comfortable with, and those who see the love you put into it will respect that.

Phillip Sevy said...

I think the more expressive and comfortable you get with your art, the more energy the pages have. I think these pages are a great medium and a place I'd LOVE to be. ha! ;)