Friday, September 24, 2010

The Traveler

I can almost die happy now. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Traveler (by Stan Lee, Mark Waid and lil' ol' me). Enjoy the "Undressed" cover and pages 1-6. I don't know who colored these yet, but I'm going to give him/her a big sloppy kiss when I meet them. I love the colors. So happy!


Jay said...

Wow - Best work of your career to date? I'm thinking so, based on what I see here. Great job!

Dang said...

Wow Chad...I can't even imagine working with Stan Lee himself. These look great!

Lee Wiley said...

WOW! Chad! Freakin' amazing dude, your pages are intense, and you're right the colorist has done an amazing job! Can't wait to pick this one up when it's out!