Saturday, May 08, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Follow-Up

Howdy do everybody! Its time to post an update to Free Comic Book Day. We were late arriving to Comics Plus. Despite all my planning I forgot to go the route I had mapped out the day before to avoid the Iron Man Triathlon. I ended up zigzagging through town and getting pissed off at myself for being so forgetful. The event started slow but quickly speed up to a fever pitch. I did sketch card commissions all day long and got to chat it up with all the gang at CP. It was nice to see patrons asking for sketches of characters I've been doing in comics. Notice the Warlord and Scorpius cards to the left. I also noticed that there wasn't a single female character requested. Odd, but fine by me. I met some really cool people and became reacquainted with others I had met the year before. Overall the day was a great success. Fun for everyone old and young. Dave and Lisa really know how to run a classy operation and there patrons really appreciated it. In fact I didn't get home until 10 o'clock that night and dinner was my first meal of the day. I was running on my "fluffy" reserves. Here are some of the sketch cards I did for fans. Thank you everybody who was willing to wait for their cards because I only made it half way though my list. I hope you feel they were worth the wait. Tell me what you think in the comments below and see if you can't guess the name of the bottom card on the right. Also congratulations to Daniel Chapman for winning the drawing for a free sketch card and sketchbook. Daniel's card is the Night Crawler on the top left. 


suicidalst420 said...

AWESOME WORK CHAD!!! Thanksfr being willing todo art for every one! and i think that pic on the bottom left is Doc Oc

Chad Hardin said...

It is not Doc Oc. Justin knows who it is.