Thursday, April 29, 2010

Warlord #13 and a plug for Free Comic Book Day

Hey Guys here are some pencils from Warlord #13. I wanted to post something to the site and plug the issue. It is out in stores now, so go buy it! I think it is the best looking Warlord I've done yet. If you liked the Art in #10 you'll love the art in this issue.  Also a reminder that I will be at Comics Plus this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day. I will have original art, sketchbooks, sketch cards, and issues of comics I've done. I'm going to be there for the long haul. I will also be doing commissions so bring yer money and help pay for my kid's operations (I hope I'm joking about the last bit). Also Will Estepp and Gerson Arevato if you guys are there you can pick up your cards! We had a great time last year. I hope we have a great time this year. Dave's Info is in the sidebar. If you haven't been to Comic's Plus in St. George Utah come check it out!

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Jason Copland said...

Man, those pencils are so tight! Great work, Chad!