Friday, February 05, 2010


Hey All, Its that time of the week again. Time to finally show off some of those Iron Man 2 cards I did of Upper Deck. I decided to do something a little different with this post. I decided to take the best cards out of the set and compare them to the best I had to offer from the year before. A sketch card Thunderdome if you will. Leave your vote in the comments below. If you leave your comment and subscribe to the blog either though Networked Blogs on Facebook or though Google Blogger you will be entering a contest to win a free sketch card of your choice and a free 2009 Sketchbook. Remember: Vote for which year 2008 or 2009, Subscribe and enter to win a free sketch card and sketchbook. Tell your friends and may the Force be with you!


PS - The Cover to Scorpius #0- Was up on News-a-rama this morning. Here's the link in case you missed it: It was the headline for like a whole hour till the god of thunder stole mine! Curse you Thor!


Jason Copland said...

Ha. I was wondering what your twitter post about Thor was about. :)The cards look amazing!

Chad Hardin said...

Yeah it was awesomeness for about an hour. Don't forget to vote Jason!

johno said...

the cards are lookin good! i enjoy the marvel characters. in this pic i am digging the ms. marvel. cool stuff chad!

Chad Hardin said...

So is that a vote for 2008 John? Cause I think she's called Moonstone now.

Dann McNasty said...

Im loving the 2009 Cards The Dark Avengers Ms. Marvel Is Top Notch!

Dang said...

They both look good, can I vote for both? If not I guess I would have to say 2008 by a hair. Although the 2009 Ms Marvel is really cool.

Mark Harmon said...

Spiderwoman -'08
Crystal -'08
Spiderman -'08
Ms. Marvel -'09
She-Hulk -'09

I guess I have more votes for '08s than '09s, so my vote is '08.

Awesome work Chad.

La Regista said...
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La Regista said...

My vote is for 2009- Great stuff by the way, really hope I win :D

La Regista said...

Sorry-didn't mean to post that twice :D

Nicholas James West said...

2008, but that Mrs. Marvel is super-cool. And I'm divided on the Spideys.

Jay said...

Hi Chad -

Wow - this is tough one! I love both sets quite a bit, but I'll have to go for the 2009 set. My reasons for doing so are that the Crystal card is in color (versus B&W in 2008), the Spider-man 2009 is a little more dramatic lighting and design, the Ms. Marvel 2009 has her red costume, which I prefer (and stars in the background!) and Spider-woman's hair looks cooler in 2009. The She-Hulk's are a toss-up, however, as both are really nice.

Man, your sketch cards are so nice that it makes me want to go out and buy a full card set, in hopes of getting one! GREAT WORK!


Paul Linsley said...

Hey Chad. Hands down '08 takes it.
btw Yeah Zbrush is awesome. I'm still very new to it. You should definitely try it.