Monday, January 11, 2010

Warlord #10

Hey all, as always; I'm rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off. 2009 is over and I have mixed feelings. It was a scary year economically but for Hardin Art Studios It was a breakthrough year as well. Over all my crowning artistic achievement was Warlord #10 for DC Comics. I have not seen it in print yet but I'm very hopeful after reading some online reviews. This is the first time I've done all the art (minus coloring) for an issue and it seems to have gone over really well. Here are some samples. Make sure you pick it up Warlord #10 by DC Comics at your local comic book store today.


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Ian Johnston said...

Hey bud,

I see you're utilizing a book from the page of Alcala. I really enjoyed the ink hatching techniques he empowers with John Buscema in the Savage Sword of Conan mags. If you get a chance, you should check them out. Incredible rendering and handled appropriately, really brings any panel to life.

Here's a link to check out:

Caleb Cleveland said...

A. Maze. Ing.

slegge said...

Hi Chad, Really enjoying your Warlord art. You really make the book your own while staying true to the Grell-ness.

Small detail, I liked the extended sideburns on Morgan in the flashbacks, nice touch. Also like the girly interpretations of Mariah and Shakira.

Quick question; Warlord #10 appears to be printed from polished pencils, not inks? If so, was this the intended result, or was there some kind of time pressure that caused them to go to press with pencils? I actually like the "pencil" look -- often has more heart than polished inks, I find.

Looking forward to more Warlord!


Chad Hardin said...

Its a digital inking involving painting over my pencils and adding details in Photoshop. I'm glad you like it. It was something I wanted to try and DC let me so I went for it. I'm a fill-in artist so there are always, always time constraints.

slegge said...

Very cool. Looking forward to more of your work. (I'll have to think about getting a commission.)

Do you mind me asking, how long did it take you to complete Warlord #10?

Chad Hardin said...

I didn't have too long on Warlord #10 it seems I had to do it and Brave and the Bold #31 in the same month. So 36 pages in 30 days. Plus other jobs... I'd love to do a commission for you! You can check out my rates (for commissions) and the original art work for Warlord #10 here: