Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anti-Venom #2

Greetings true believers! Today Anti-Venom #2 hits the stands and yours truly did 11 pages of pencils for the issue. Above is a sample of the art. So make sure you pick it up when you go to your favorite comic store. Also I want everyone to know I'm heading to Boston on Friday to be at the Boston Comic Con. I will be selling original artwork prints and sketchbooks in Artist Alley so stop on by. If you're a Warlord fan I have pages from issue #3 that are HOT! I will also have pages from Marvel Apes as well. If you are attending make sure you stop by, introduce yourself and pick up some stuff.

On another note I found out on Monday that I had the famous H1N1 virus. I'll almost all better now, but it made for some slow drawing days. Now that I'm done coughing up a lung things should be getting back to normal. Stay tuned for some Iron Man 2 sketch cards, Farscape, and Cover illustrations. Till next week...



John Bear Ross said...

Vereh nice pencils...

Strike back against the swine more bacon!


Travis said...

I've never even heard of Anti-Venom and I think this looks Awesome! Way too much talent in your sickly little hands.

Hope you feel better.


Jonathan said...

Sweet work, Chad! It must be fun, helping to create comic history. Can't wait to see more!

Tim said...

Hey Chad,
Met you yesterday at the Boston Comic Con and I wanted to buy some art from you but didn't get a chance to get back to your table. Do you have a place online you sell your art?

Chad Hardin said...

Hey Tim,

I'm looking into opening an ebay store, but I need 17 more sells. Which page caught your fancy? I can put it on ebay for ya.