Monday, June 08, 2009

Warlord #3

Hey Guys, I know its been a while. Trust me I've been busy. I have been cranking on Warlord issue #4 which I had to come in and pinch hit for. Turns out Joe got sick and I was DC's Huckleberry. No worries we got the issue done and it should hit the racks on time, but for me there was a lot of drawing going on and nothing else. I took breaks to sleep (some of which was done on the floor by my art desk) and eat but not to blog. The good news is I have tons to show. These are pages from Warlord #3 which was masterfully inked by Wayne Faucher, Walden Wong, and Dan Green and beautifully colored by Daniel Curiel. These pages shown are all inked by Wayne. I have lots more to post but I'll save it for later. It was great working with Mike Grell, he has a lot to teach a guy like me and I look forward to doing more Warlord. I would also like to thank Kal5000 for giving me vote of confidence on DC's blog. Kal if you can catch me online or at a con do so and I'll hook you up with some cool art.


John Bear Ross said...

Superbitchin! I remember reading Warlord when I was a pup. Beautiful work, Chad.


Matt Zolman said...

Love the page layouts Chad! Enjoy the energy and story telling! Well done all around!

Any chance of posting the pencils? Would love to see the difference in your work vs. finished product.

Take care.

johno said...


BigBot said...

Sweet! Even more Chad: THE WARLORD #5 (On Sale August 5, 2009) + THE WARLORD #6 (On Sale September 9, 2009)!