Thursday, November 13, 2008

Typhoid Mary

I have another Marvel Card in process for you. This one is Typhoid Mary. She was one of my faves in comics way back in the late eighties early nineties. I like her new costume but I loved her hair the old style so I made a hybrid of the two. She reminds me of Priss from Blade Runner and Lisa from Weird Science. Tear for the eighties!


bigSteve said...

looks great! I love that you're using key classic elements from the orignal character. on the cards for series 2, marvel & upper deck advertised the release of series 3 in fall of '08, any idea when they'll be in stores so we can get our hands on them?

Chad Hardin said...

I don't know when TOPPS is releasing them, sorry! All I know is that I have to have all my approvals done by Nov 20th.

I do have 1 MM Series II and 9 MM Series 3 Artist Proof Sketch Cards left and they are available NOW!! I'm making a big push to get them all done before my next DC assignment comes in. I'm asking $200 for full color. B&W ranges from $50 (pencils) to $150 for full value. If you are interested let me know because they won't be around for long!