Friday, August 29, 2008

Ghost Squad

Many of you may know that I'm slowly working on getting my MFA from the Academy of Art University. Two semesters ago I killed two birds with one stone and did an illustration for Ron Fortier's Pulp Novel: Ghost Squad, while fulfilling my final for a digital painting class.. Well the novel is set to be published and I figure it time to get the art out there. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Ryan Ottley said...

Hey Chad! Killer blog sir. Stuff is lookin way too good, nice colors too! See you around.


Chad Hardin said...

Thanks Ryan!!!

Ron Fortier said...

Hi Chad, thanks for posting that super cover. All of us involved with the novel are thrilled to have you gracing that cover. Right now we're a little behind schedule, as our publisher, Michael Poll, of Cornerstone Book Publishers, had to evacuate his offices in New Orleans this past weekend. Hopefully once everyone is allowed to return, the book will be heading for the printers shortly thereafter.

Andrew Salmon said...

Hey, Chad,

I'm the second half of the writing team that shoved the pages behind that great cover of yours! Great work by the way! The cover rocks!